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If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

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Knowledge is power, and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual in America. By studying the following links in the order presented, you will know more about freedom and what the creator expected from us and endowed us with Through His Divine Son, and you will know your responsibility in that regard.

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Anna has two books. They are both very important to freedom. Here are the links.

"Disclosure 101" is a compilation of some of her earlier writings: Disclosure 101

"You Know Something Is Wrong When... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" is the blockbuster you need to read. This book blows the lid off the corrupt corporate entity calling itself our Federal government, and shows the entire history of Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, and Intimidation the perpeTRAITORS have used to steal our entire heritage and prosperity for over 150 years: Get it Here at Amazon

Very important solution oriented article you need to read.
Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

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A NOTE FROM JUDGE ANNA about this information: Please post my apologies that I cannot practice law while sitting as a judge and cannot possibly respond to literally millions of foreclosure cases and custody cases and so on. I have one set of hands and only 24 hours each day, like everyone else. The facts of the fraud have been established and presented. All members of the Bar Associations are liable. We have placed a huge lien on them. See articles #86 and #87 on this page. People all over this country need to be filing claims and going after these corporations. Look up commercial obligation liens and liquidation of corporations guilty of criminal activity-- and see what you will see.

Before you begin your studies Read This Introduction.

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" Come Holy Ghost, into the hearts of thy Faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy Love. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the Earth. Oh God, who didst instruct the hearts of Thy Faithful people by the light of Thy Holy Spirit, grant us by the gift of the same Spirit, that we might be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen."


The Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 1

The Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 2

Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you

America is a corporation and the state owns your children

Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright

Notice to Congress

Passport Fraud

Public Notice to Law Enforcement, Sheriffs

Second Base — What “They” Have Done

The Diabolical Nature of What Has Been Done

Let's Get This Straight, Once and For All....Birth Certificate Fraud


"US Citizenship" ---- Why Won't You Believe That You Have Made a Wrong Assumption?

Naturalized Citizenship" -- Unanswered Letters 14 - Anna von Reitz

Wake Up, Please, and Tell Me----- Are You A Puerto Rican?

Dear Federal Agents:

Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate – Birthright Citizenship vs Corporate Slave Citizenship

Our Government v. Their Government -- Unanswered Letters 8 -- Reply to Jayne

Your offer to contract is hereby rejected!


DEFINED: The source of the fraud! From the beginning!

Starting at First Base

Second base What "They" have done "For" You

Third Base – The Guilty Parties

Is this how the world is really run? You Decide!

Cover Lettter and Public Order

Before Things Get Out of Hand

For A Deeper Understanding


Cover Letter to Pope Francis

Criminals On Our Shores

Open Letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Lew

Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature

Where We Are In The Fraud Process Briefly Explained

Formal Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud


The Civil Judge Advocates Council

Acting as a judge of a superior court

Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz

Public Notice to Law Enforcement

An Open Letter to Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon

Second Letter to Sheriff Ward

Was Common Law shut down years ago?


To Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian RE "self appointed judge" showing up.

Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

Answer to Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and Anyone Else Who THINKS I Am Not a Judge:


The specific details of how you were defrauded

In Regard to "Burning Question" Below:

Removing The Fangs

Why is the “Pope” engaged in a campaign to promote the politics of the impostors?

Questions from Montana for Judge Anna Von Reitz

The Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 1

The Down and Dirty for Thomas Deegan, Ammon Bundy, and Everyone Else

The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States

Letter of Support for Sheriff Palmer, Grant County, Oregon

One more time

How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction Government Owed to Your County

Dissecting the maze! IT IS CHESS THEY ARE PLAYING!

Top 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate

The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

Solving the problem of Individual Freedom and Sovereignty

The Importance of County Sheriffs

Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents



A Reply to "Snopes" and All Others

Me and the NLA

For Marge About NLA:

Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death

Solid Resources and Brief Explanations

Open Swim for Lawyers!

For Marge About NLA:

Today's Missoulian about the Oregon situation

Are You Aware - This is crucial for Ammon Bundy



A Note about Money and Foreclosures---- Pun Intended

Deny the crooks jurisdiction over you

To All Who Care About Justice

Cover Letter to Pope Francis

An in depth explanation of the games that have been played on the American sovereigns


Question and Answers about Freedom to Travel

“How can it be illegal for people to get married?

Final Judgment and Civil Orders

This website has been programmed by Paul Stramer of Lincoln County Watch in Montana, so you can get this information all in one place, rather than having to research for days on the Internet to find these articles. This information is the most important I have ever posted on my blog and on this website, because it's the very first time I have been able to present the fully assembled puzzle of fraud and deception that has been used for hundreds of years to rob and plunder America under the color of law by the cabal to finance their evil in the world. Anna von Reitz has a unique perspective by her vocation of legal advisor to the "Popes" and her access to much information to which most people in the world just don't have access. As a cradle Catholic, I know she is right on the money when it comes to the temporal power she is talking about. I believe she is also right about the solutions, which are spelled out in her articles. Read them in the order presented to get the whole truth and the big picture. There are no other solutions short of all out civil war on American soil, and I am sure you want to avoid that as much as I do, if at all possible. If you want to read my blog, where there are over 2100 articles on these and other subjects, the address is or That blog is also connected to all my business websites as well, where we sell radio communications gear, silver bullion, PRI fuel preservative, portable solar power products, stun guns, and much more. Please support this work by visiting the links to those websites as follows:

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