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Extended Expatriation Ad Project.

Below are the banner ads we want to run all around the internet for Anna's projects. Go ahead and click the link on the banner and see what happens.

If we can raise a bit of an advertising budget we will run these ads millions of times on websites and traffic exchanges and hopefully get thousands of people to join our mailing list and participate in our expatriation project to correct their status.

The ads are tied to a splash page and then a landing page that will capture new people to get the notices from our automated system.

This battle is all about education, and stopping participation in the fraud by getting millions of people to expatriate from the corporate system.

It's also about helping people around the world to heal up their finances in spite of the cabal control over the money systems by using gold and silver as real money once again.

If you can find a way to help us with this advertising we very much appreciate any amount you can give.

Your donation will show SLC Distributing, which is our umbrella business name registered in Montana. It's also the name on our PayPal account. I have been Anna's webmaster from the beginning of the annavonreitz.com website. I own the domain name. Just so you know, we have sent Anna over $11,000 in just over 7 years from our fundraising, besides paying for thousands in advertising like this.

One time, you decide the amount.
Donate monthly for this ad project.
Monthly donation options

You can see how well these ads stand out on one of my websites here: http://www.fm2way.com/fmmob.htm

Just click on any banner and watch what happens.

If you can find a way to help us with this advertising we very much appreciate any amount you can give.

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